Monday 14 April 2014

Oxygen extends life

For those who need it, oxygen extends life. This was the message Alison Channing, the oxygen nurse from Baywater Healthcare brought us on Friday. The trouble is that many people think that breathlessness and low oxygen levels are the same thing - THEY ARE NOT ! That is a difficult concept to get your head around even for those of us who use oxygen regularly. They often go together but they are not the same thing.

It was nice to meet Alison and get to know her. She will come back later in the year and show us some of the equipment on offer for oxygen users and to tell us about plans for the future. The technology in this field is moving so fast, there is always something new. We have yet to be offered a lightweight method of delivering oxygen, so come on all you clever inventors out there. We want an oxygen container or a portable concentrator which is so lightweight it doesn't cause shoulder pain when carried for a long time. 

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