Monday 22 June 2009

The library service

Bethan Lee came to talk to us about the local library and the wide range of services offered these days - it's far from just books, although they are the main reason I use the library. Did you know in some branches you can play on XBOX or WII ? Not everyone knows about the wide range of large print books available now, or the home service offered. This can be seasonal so if you are housebound in the winter due to bad weather and exacerbations, just call your local library and they will put you in touch with this service. Also you can now browse and order books online and the Oxford English Dictionary is available to all library members. What an amazing service and it's all free too.

Breathe Easy Week 2009

Three of us went to the Welsh Assembly, on Wednesday 17th June, to explain to our AMs the importance of Pulmonary Rehab and we got a chance to see and chat to friends from other Breathe Easy groups accross Wales. Many of the politicians we spoke to said they would write to their LHBs. We know that the service is patchy accross Wales, ranging from good to non existant and that all people with COPD need good rehab to enable them to live with the condition, indeed it is a NICE recommendation that this should be the case.