Sunday 18 April 2010

Cath Harper talks about exercise and other stuff.

We had a very lively chat with Cath about the benefits of exercise, the downward spiral into inactivity and depression if you don't, and the upward spiral into better muscle tone and feeling better if you do. Whichever way you look at it, exercise is the way to go.
Then, as our meetings often do, we ended up discussing all sorts of things and booked Cath to come back later in the year to talk about shifting sputum. It's amazing how many laughs you can get out of such a disgusting subject. We all loved her paint chart of sputum shades though - very useful in an exacerbation to be able to call the nurses and say "I am producing number nine today."

Friday 9 April 2010


Last night we were presented with a large cheque, both size and amount. Two employees of HSBC Bank abseiled with us last Sunday and HSBC Bank have matched the amount of sponsorship they raised, much to our delight. Also, good news, we recruited quite a few more people for next year's abseil event.
A BIG thankyou to the abseilers, their sponsors and the bank, for their generosity

Monday 5 April 2010

This was our fourth year staging our fundraising event and it just seems to get better and better. This year we had sunshine, showers, hail and wind, but no one cared about the bad stuff as they all seemed to be having such a good time.

We had sixty one adults, abseiling the big rock, and fourteen children.
Lots of spectators and supporters came too.
At the end of the day we had already collected £2,546 and there is still a lot of sponsorhip to be collected, what dizzy heights will we reach?
It's what we call a great day !
Many thanks to Call of the Wild who don't charge us for putting on this event each year, which means that every penny raised is spent to help the one in five people in Wales who are living with a lung condition.