Friday 21 December 2012

Yet another Christmas "Do"

The ladies (and gentleman) from Briton Ferry Health and Wellbeing group joined us for our Christmas party, and what fun they were to have as guests.

We started with mince pies, cakes and a cuppa, then we were put through our paces to get the muscles warmed up, the blood flowing and to remove the calories added earlier.

You wouldn't think it took so much concentration to stand, sit and wave your arms around to music, but I assure you it does. We all look pretty co-ordinated here but in reality it was arms and legs everywhere.

It doesn't help your concentration if you get the giggles either. These two have really seen the silly side.

It was lovely to be able to welcome our friends from Swansea and Bridgend Breathe Easy groups. They must enjoy themselves as they come back year after year.

Now, is he doing the exercises with us, or rolling his sleeves up ready to do the washing up.

What would we do without our supply of tea and coffee to keep the energy levels up ?

Finally I would like to wish our readers a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year !

Thursday 6 December 2012

A marathon runner and all round supporter.

Emma raised money for sponsorship for her entry into the London Marathon next year. She had lots of my dolls which went well and loads of drinks to sell. She was at the new school in Ystradgynlais, which her daughters attend. I had to check the name with her - Ysgol Golwg y Cwm - Valley View School to all you English speaking bloggers.

Love the new look BLF T-shirt Emma !

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Christmas Lunch

We all enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch at the Rock and Fountain in Aberdulais. It was almost a disaster as they had lit the woodburning stove in the room where we usually sit and it was really smokey - not suitable for healthy lungs, never mind we folks with COPD and asthma. However all was not lost as our host had laid up a table for us in the dining room, at the other end of the pub, where we enjoyed a lovely smoke free meal in good company, and who can ask more than that.
The only fly in the ointment was that we forgot to pick up our camera, but luckily someone had a mobile phone handy and pictures were taken.

Saturday 1 December 2012

Ystradgynlais Christmas Fayre

In spite of three buses going from Ystradgynlais to Cardiff to see Dirty Dancing and the Wales/Australia rugby match taking place in the Millenium Stadium (or on TV), attendance was really good at this year's Christmas Fayre.
We sold lots of dolls, Christmas decorations and other novelties and took £101 on the day and £64 in orders, making a grand total of £165 - one of our best days.

This all helps the work of British Lung Foundation.

Friday 23 November 2012

Breath of Fresh Air Awards (BoFFAs) 2012

We drove down to Cardiff yesterday for the annual Breath of Fresh Air Awards. It's great to get together with the other Breathe Easy groups in South Wales and exchange news.
Our group was thrilled to receive two awards. One was for being the best fundraising group. You only have to look back to our August entry to see why that was. We amazed ourselves this year by being able to give over £8,000 to BLF Wales.

Then Doug and Margaret were proud to accept their certificate for outstanding service to Breathe Easy and the local community

Wherever there is a gathering of people they seem to be there as well with an Awareness Stand full of information and advice on all aspects of lung health both for patients and their carers.
We gave a lift to Brian from Swansea group and met up with others from Swansea, who shared our table.

The drive home was eventful though, through what can only be described as monsoon conditions.



Saturday 17 November 2012

Clean air in Port Talbot

Sara Thomas has been doing some interesting work on a pilot scheme in Port Talbot, monitoring the air quality. They have sensors in the Margam area which register the very fine particles in the air which are invisible. We can all see when there is dust about but these invisible particles are the ones with the potential to get deep into our lungs, causing harmful irritation to those who already have lung conditions such as COPD or asthma and could cause harm to healthy lungs too.

I read an article today which indicates that maybe the presence of these microscopic particles can affect thinking and reaction times, especially in older people.

But let's not give Port Talbot and it's industries a bad name. Some of this pollution comes from the motorway and much of it comes from the Sahara Desert. The monitors have shown peak readings when the winds have been blowing the dust over us.

Well done Sara and her team and keep up the good work of making sure that our air is clean but at the same time supporting local industry and transport which are essential for jobs in the area.

We all had the chance to go through the "Changing for the better" book outlining the plans for change in the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board. We have completed and returned the questionnaire emphasising the need to extend the pulmonary rehab program to reach more people than it does now - five/six programmes a year with eight people in each course is maximum forty eight patients a year, which is a mere drop in the ocean when compared to the number of people in the area who are living with a lung condition. We all know that the lessons learned in Pulmonary Rehab are vital in helping keep us out of hospital and access to rehab is a part of NICE recommendations.

Monday 12 November 2012

World COPD Day - 14th November

Many people don't know what COPD is, and even if they have heard of it they don't know what it means :-

  • Chronic - it won't go away
  • Obstructive - airways are blocked
  • Pulmonary - to do with the lungs
  • Disease - it's an illness
Let's hope that we can find more of those "Missing Millions" who have COPD but are yet to be diagnosed. Early diagnosis and early treatment are essential for the best outcomes for COPD patients.

This is our information board in the Baglan Medical Resource Centre - lots of information about COPD, living with it, caring for someone with it,anxiety about it, depression because of it, end of life questions, support from British Lung Foundation and much more useful stuff.

So, if you are any three of these
  • breathless
  • coughing more than everyone else
  • a smoker or ex smoker
  • producing phlegm
go and see your pharmacist or GP for a simple lung test - it doesn't hurt, all you do is blow into a tube.

From Monday 12th November, a health campaign will launch across Wales which encourages people to talk to their pharmacist if they are suffering with a persistent cough.

Brian from Swansea and Only Men Aloud launched the "Love Your Lungs" campaign in Cardiff

Did they let you sing ?

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Meet the Patients

Today we spent two hours at the Welsh Assembly, chatting to our Assembly members and asking for their support on the major issues in lung health today. The main one being adequate provision of pulmonary rehab across Wales as recommended in NICE guidelines. Every patient with a lung condition, who would benefit from receiving pulmonary rehab (not all do) should have easy access to it. We all know that rehab educates people and is enabling, helping them to lead more active lives and, most importantly, keeping them out of hospital (rehab costs around £450 per person to deliver and a week in hospital costs around £2,500 - the figures speak for themselves)

Also we want to improve Sleep Apnoea services across Wales. Sleep Apnoea can be treated with a CPAP machine or often with a lifestyle change - simple measures can change the lives of sufferers.

Rebecca Evans, Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, listened carefully while we asked her about provision for Sleep Apnoea services in her area. She said she would ask the minister and she has emailed me today with a reply from  Leslie Griffiths saying that all the Health Boards had been advised of the minimum accepted standards in February 2011. Now we need to check that these standards are being met.
We want the Assembly to press ahead to protect children in cars from cigarette smoke. They can't say "Put the fag out please !" so we must say that for them. After all we can't smoke in pubs, so drinkers are protected, in the workplace, in schools, in hospitals - do I need to say more ? We must protect our children.

Thursday 11 October 2012

Read all about it !!

Network Update wales October 2012

The latest BLF Wales Newsletter is now available.
Click here Download your Wales Newsletter to read for yourself.

Friday 5 October 2012

It's on the wall !

Doesn't our board look lovely now it's in situ in the cardio /respiratory unit in Neath Port Talbot Hospital ? All our British Lung Foundation information and support is now easily available to all patients using this clinic. We put stickers on everything we donate so that the people who use them know that our Breathe Easy group is working on their behalf.


Friday 21 September 2012

A leaflet board for Neath Port Talbot Hospital

How nice it is, after raising all that money earlier in the year with our abseil event, donations, and sales, to be able to use it to everyones benefit. Last month we were able to give a large cheque to British Lung Foundation Wales and today we were able to purchase a British Lung Foundatio leaflet board and present it to Hannah Howard, our oxygen nurse. Hannah says it will be displayed in the waiting room in the Lung Function and Oxygen Assessment area in the hospital. We hope many people will make use of it, get information on their lung condition, make contact through the helpline - 03000 030 555 and come along to join us in Breathe Easy.

Hannah was delighted and said she was sure that both patients and staff will benefit from it being there.

Life on the Mary Rose

Phil Bowen gave us a great insight into life on the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship which sank in the Solent in 1545 and was recovered, in a widely watched televised event, in 1982. Life must have been pretty grim aboard, especially during the many battles she fought.
Phil, a retired headteacher, was just the kind of history teacher I would have liked. He made the subject fun. We ended with a test and were rewarded with sweeties.
We have asked him to come back next year to tell us about Carisbrook Casle and Osbourne House.

We also discussed how our local service for people with COPD has been much depleted lately and ways we can campaign and work along with the health authority to get it back to what it once was - home visits, early discharge scheme and a pulmonary rehab programme which helps all of us with COPD to keep well and out of hospital. It's in all our interest to help get this service up and running at full strength again.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Green-light for new Miner's Lung treatment

Here's something I got involved in a couple of weeks ago - those who missed it on TV can see it now if they wish

ITV New Online

Lung disease is one of Wales' biggest killers but now a new treatment could mean relief for thousands of people. Last year more than 46,000 people who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), also known as Miner's Lung, were admitted to hospitals here as emergency cases. Sufferers are now welcoming the news that a new drug has been licensed to tackle the symptoms of COPD has been welcomed by sufferers. As someone with COPD, even making a cup of tea can leave Margaret Barnard from Neath out of breath.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Breathe Easy Neath Valley AGM August 17th 2012
Our Breathe Easy group continues to do its work of supporting people with lung disease and their carers, keeping the local community informed through awareness events and fundraising so that we are self supporting and are able to give money to British Lung Foundation for their work in fighting lung disease.
We have had outings during the year and we continue with our once a month lunch. We have decided to vary the places we eat, so if you want to join us, contact me on

Last year we bought a leaflet board for the Dulais Valley Surgery in Seven Sisters which is now fixed to the wall in a prominent position beside the desk, and is well used.
The abseil, earlier this year raised £5,866. This means that over the year we have been able to give British Lung Foundation Wales £8,328. We presented the cheque today and feel very proud of ourselves.

We have collecting tins in two locations, the Continental Garage in Ystradgynlais and the Train Station Gym in Glynneath. These bring in a steady return of around £16 every other month. At every awareness stand we do I take along my knitted dolls and usually average around £60 in sales.

We have welcomed five new members over the year and were very sad to lose one of our founder members earlier in the year.

Once the AGM was over Emma Lippiat, from Public Health Wales - Screening, gave us interesting facts and figures on the sreening program in Wales. I found it quite sad that there is such a low return rate on the bowel screening test, especially from men. It is such a simple test, if a tad unpleasant, done in the privacy of your own bathroom. What could be easier ? It was also interesting to hear that screening reminders won't be sent out after the age of 70, but you can request to continue to be included for bowel, breast and cervical smears after this age.
If you want to know more call the Freephone Helpline 0800 294 3370 or go to

Friday 20 July 2012

The Swansea Blitz

We have just enjoyed an interesting talk, with vivid illustrations, about the Swansea Blitz. Phil Treseder, from Swansea Museum, had loads of pictures of Swansea scenes, taken before, during and after the terrible days of the Swansea Blitz. It all reminded me of stories my parents told me of the Sheffield Blitz.
For some of us it was a trip down memory lane and for those of us new to the area, it was an interesting insight into the growth and development of Swansea.
What dreadful times they must have been and I for one am very grateful that I was born just after it was all over.
We were really pleased to welcome two new members to our group - I am sure they will both find that being a member of a support group will make living with a lung condition much easier.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

A trip on the River Tawe

What a lovely morning we have just had. We met in Swansea Marina to board "The Black Prince" for a leisurely cruise through the marina, with a view of all the boats moored there. For a change this summer, the sun shone, there was blue sky and the only shower was when we were on the boat and it didn't matter as we were under cover.

Boats varied from classy and pricey to messing about on the water varieties - all very picturesque.

 Coffee was served shortly after leaving the marina and, as we sailed sedately up the Tawe we heard the history of the busy docks, the copper works in Copperopolis and we saw remnants of the old dock walls. Much of the masonry for these was made from the waste slag from the copper smelting process.
Merle is looking at an ingot of copper - gosh was it heavy, and that came as a surprise.               We thought the two grooves on the ingot were so that they could be stacked one on top of the other with a length of rope running between the grooves. This would stop the cargo of copper moving in the ship during transit in heavy seas.

This is what is left of Copperopolis. How lovely to see the site green and flourishing again, and the river has fish once more, but also, what a shame that this history of Swansea is not being paid more attention and a bit more preservation wouldn't go amiss.

If you would like a trip on The Black Prince, have a look at their website.

Sunday 8 July 2012

Aberavon Beach Festival

After all the ghastly wet weather we have had recently, neither of us felt like getting out of bed on Saturday to go and set up our awareness table and toy sales in a marquee at Aberavon Beach. However, the weather was kind, only the odd bit of rain blowing in the wind and the crowds came. I need to get my knitting needles out as almost all my toys sold. Lots of people took away information booklets and we had quite a few people interested in Breathe Easy - it would be lovely to welcome some new faces to our group.

Friday 15 June 2012

The brave men and women of the RNLI

We have just spent a very pleasant and informative afternoon with Mel Cooper, David and James from the RNLI. David showed us the full kit they wear and Mel gave us some of the history of the organisation as well as showing us a DVD which showed some actual rescues of swimmers in difficulties, people in boats in rough seas and a fisherman who was swept off the rocks in Porthcawl. We certainly owe these brave and dedicated people a huge debt.
Did you know if you need the lifeboat, you dial 999 and ask for the coastguard ?

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Amazing success !

For the last six years we have held an abseil event at Dinas Rock in Pontneathvaughan on Easter Sunday and every year the local people who take part raise magnificent sums of money. This year we have raised £6,000 making a total of £33,500 over the six years.
Children and adults take part, ages ranging from eight to seventy, including a COPD patient who has recently completed the pulmonary rehab course at the Baglan Resource Centre. Some can’t wait to come back for another go and others say “Never again – but I did it !” This year Patrick Flood Page, chairman of British Lung Foundation Wales, and his two little girls took part as well as Suzy Davies AM, and a local policeman, an estate agent, an occupational therapist and her family and many, many more. Breathe Easy Cardiff sent a team and they raised £828 for their own group.
Over the years the money has been used to buy equipment for Pulmonary Rehab in the Resource Centre in Baglan Moors and for wider investment into lung disease research.

              We are extremely grateful to Call of the Wild and the Dulais Valley Independent Ambulance Service who run the event and give us medical cover free of charge, meaning that all the money raised can be used to better the lives of people living with lung disease.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Once again we had an awareness stand at the Aberavon Charities Fiesta. Our main theme was "Take Five and Stay Alive" which is focussed on making sure people know how to handle asbestos safely in the home, especially during home improvements. How many people know that it is often to be found in pipe lagging, in Artex and asbestos roofing as well as some fire proofed products. If in doubt, call in the experts. Your local council will help. Better to be safe than sorry. Asbestos breathed in now could cause horrible health problems, such as Mesothelioma, in thirty to forty years time. Call the BLF helpline to find out more 03000 030 555 or check out the British Lung Foundation website

As well as making people aware of lung issues we sold dolls and toys, making £60 for our Breathe Easy group.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Breathlessness and oxygen

Dr Banks talked at length about feelings of breathlessness and low oxygen levels, and how although the two seem to be related, actually they are two different things. Some people with COPD can be extremely breathless but have relatively high oxygen levels, while others experience sudden drops in oxygen when they exercise and become breathless. Why is this ? It's one if the worlds great mysteries.
The only thing we do know is that the exercises and breathing techniques we learn in pulmonary rehab do make a huge difference. Keeping muscles fit reduces the demand for oxygen when we exercise and knowledge of breathing techniques helps us recover quickly once we become breathless.
Our inhalers help by keeping the airways open, the rest is down to us to practise the lessons we have learned.

Monday 9 April 2012

Abseil at Dinas Rock 2012 - We did it !!

Morgan listens carefully to instructions
At last, the day arrived, after the lovely sunshine at the end of March, and the snow, wind and rain at the beginning of April, we were relieved to wake up to a dry if chilly day. After the initial hustle and bustle of putting up banners, posters and signs, we got started at just after 10.30 with the first group on the big rock, and the children on the lower rock. We say lower rock, but it is still a challenge for some adults to tackle.

Supporters came to cheer
People came from all around to support friends and family and some just stopped by to see what was going on, as they enjoyed an Easter walk in this lovely river valley.

Nicola has COPD 

In spite of having COPD herself, Nicola achieved her ambition to climb to the top (120 ft) and abseil Dinas Rock. What determination and what a lovely smile. Well done Nicola. Her mum came along to cheer, and help hold up the banner.
Patrick Flood Page - ready for anything !
Patrick and his two young daughters all took their turn on the rock. Is that a grin of fear or a happy smile of achievement ?
Suzy abseils like an expert

We had a very brave Welsh Assembly member abseiling too. Suzy Davies was so scared in the days leading up to it but when her time came, she was a star. She looks like an expert the way she is handling that rope. Well done to you Suzy, whatever will you tackle next ?
This is the sixth year we have held this event. Call of the Wild have run it for us every year free of charge, and, this year Dulais Valley Independent Ambulance Services gave us first aid cover, also without charge. I never cease to be struck by the enthusiasm and generosity of the people in this area. Over the six years we have now raised over £30,000    for Breathe Easy groups and British Lung Foundation Wales. Once all the sponsorship money is collected for this year's event, that figure will be much higher.
See Morgan's YouTube clip  Morgan's big week

Tesco Ystradgynlais donated a voucher which we raffled on the day - the lucky winner was Simon Kendrick from Cardiff.
To see more pictures go to the British Lung Foundation flickr page

Health and Wealth event in Seven Sisters

Last week we joined other people representing different services and charities to let the people of Seven Sisters, in the Dulais Valley, find out about the many types of help and information which is available to them.

Lots of people were very interested in the information on sleep apnoea, thinking heavy snoring, interrupted sleep and constant tiredness are just something you had to put up with.

A group came from the sheltered housing down the road and I was inundated with Welsh ladies wanting to buy my Welsh dolls - orders had to be taken as I had run out.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Neath Port Talbot Health and Wellbeing Strategy Day

    This was an opportunity to meet and exchange information with other service providers in the Neath Port Talbot area. It's amazing how many people and organisations there are out there, offering help and opportunities to cover all sorts of needs.

The British Lung Foundation supports people with lung conditions and their carers. We now have a new page on our website which is just for carers 

Our helpline number has changed too to 03000 030 555. This will be a much cheaper service for all landline and mobile phone users.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Wills and other legal stuff.

We had an interesting talk from Rhian Williams and Adrian Morley, from Hutchinson Thomas, Solicitors and Notaries. Rhian talked about how important it is to make a will to be sure that all your property goes exactly where you want it to go. She also had interesting things to tell us about funding care in a care home, and how that works. If you haven't made provision for the future, it's certainly something you probably should be thinking about.
Rhian and Adrian can be found at 
Hutchinson Thomas
Pendrill Court
119 London Road
SA11 1LF
tel  01639 645061   

Wednesday 14 March 2012

No Smoking Day

We were involved in the ITV Wales programme Wales this Week, which was all about trying to give up smoking and the reasons why it's a good idea to do so. You only have to look at me, living with COPD and Doug who is now a carer, to realise that we don't exactly have the retirement we were both looking forward to. So, to quote my grandaughter, "If you smoke, just stop it now !"  
Lots of my friends called after it was shown to tell us they love our new kitchen - maybe they didn't listen to the message in the program.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Protect Children from Poverty Day in Seven Sisters

Today we had an information stand and toy sale in the Nant y Cafn Social Club in Seven Sisters. After a very wet and windy start it turned out a lovely day. There were lots of outside attractions for children such as a climbing wall, bungee bouncing, a huge bouncy castle and simulated surfing - we did see a few dads playing on these as well ! Indoors there were cake sales, jewelry, us and lots of other stands. We raised £30 for Breathe Easy Neath Valley and gave out lots of information about living with lung conditions. And, I think we have recruited two new members for Breathe Easy. So, all in all a good day and an afternoon well spent.

Friday 17 February 2012

Six years old today.

Breathe Easy Neath Valley was six years old today so we celebrated in style with yummy cake which was enjoyed by everyone. Those of us using oxygen appreciated that the candles were knitted and the flames were glittery paper - so no danger of a conflagration with all the extra oxygen in the room.

Claire Hurlin and her team came over from Carmarthen to show us the Tele Health equipment. This is being used in a trial in and around Carmarthen and helps to keep regular contact between patient and health professional and enables regular monitoring of the condition. This has prevented unnecessary hospital admissions and reassures patients. It's easy to use and puts you in touch with a specialist doctor/nurse on a regular daily basis, which would be impossible with home visits. This looks like a good way forward.

We had a long chat with Andy Phillips and Craig from ABMu about patient records. There has been concern that when we are admitted to hospital, we often arrive at A and E and don't always get the right treatment straight away, because there is no record of our past history of lung attacks (exacerbations) and rate of infection recurrence. There were other issues we discussed as well such as people who are CO² retentive not being given too much oxygen by ambulance crews and co-morbidities. It's no use treating one condition and making another worse. It is being suggested that we take an A4 sheet of paper, with all our details, along with our medication if, or when, we are admitted to hospital. This sounds like a good idea because, at the moment, NHS computers, in different parts of the service, don't speak to each other - we have been assured that this is being worked on.

All these visitors to the group today proved to be good recruiting ground for the abseil at Easter - three signed up today and many application forms taken home to be completed and returned later.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Spread the word

We bought the Dowlais Valley Surgery in Seven Sisters a British Lung Foundation leaflet board. Now all the visitors to the surgery  have a good choice of information always on clear display. 
Patients can access information on all aspects of lung disease. Not just the various lung diseases, but healthy diet, the benefits of exercise and keeping active, how to deal with anxiety and depression and, very important, how to find and join a great Breathe Easy group like ours.
 This is good as all information about lung conditions helps us to understand more and leads to better outcomes.
Check out the British Lung Foundation and see their informative website.

Sunday 5 February 2012

Abseil at Dinas Rock 2012

I have spent the weekend printing posters and application forms and sending out email messages that our annual abseil fundraiser is happening again on Sunday 8th April - Easter Sunday.

These are three little stars from last year - I know one of them will be back again this year.

All money raised from this event goes to help people in Wales who are living with lung conditions, either by buying equipment for the local COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) team or we give it to British Lung Foundation Wales.
This is our sixth year. In the last five years we have raised £27,500 - how much can we add to that this year ?
If you are reading this please look at our Justgiving page - see button on the right or contact Breathe Easy Neath Valley for an application form if you want to take part

Friday 27 January 2012

Visit to the Olympic Stadium - Your Personal Best Campaign

What a lovely experience we had yesterday. After taking part in the filming before Christmas, we were invited to be at the launch of the Glaxo Smith Kline initiative to encourage people with chronic conditions, and the over 55's to be more active to increase their quality of life.  Just click on the "Your Stories" button to see people's experiences with different conditions.

This is supported by the British Lung Foundation, which is how I became involved. Look at "Achieve your Best" on the BLF website.

Our hotel room looked out over the new Olympic Stadium and the Anish Kapur sculpture and the presentation took place in the John Lewis Stadium Suite where we were fed lovely light pastries and other yummy things.

We met Arlene Phillips and Len Goodman who are supporting the initiative. they were good fun, as you can see in one of the pictures.
We are really pleased and proud to have taken part in this Personal Best campaign and hope it encourages others to achieve more and get more out of life.

for more pictures go to Flickr on the BLF website

Friday 20 January 2012

The Grand Canyon

Polly Davies took us on a trip through the Grand Canyon, lots of lovely slides and loads of interesting information. It really is a beautiful and majestic formation, quite breath taking.
She also told us an interesting tale about the Mandan Indians, many of who are pale skinned, blond haired and blue eyed, and their Welsh origins. I couldn't help but look that up on Google which found an interesting tale. Use the link below to see for yourself.  

Monday 16 January 2012

Flying with oxygen

I don't usually put personal stuff on this blog, it's normally just Breathe Easy news, but I thought this experience to be interesting and useful knowledge to pass on. We have just come back from a week's cruise round the Canaries and to Agadir, flying with Thomson Airways to Tenerife from Cardiff airport. First of all Airport Assistance at both airports was terrific. We pre-booked it when we booked the holiday and they came out to meet the bus as we arrived and took me right to my plane seat. It wasn't quite so smooth in Tenerife but it worked OK.
I need oxygen during the flight and this was provided free of charge by Thomson Airways. I had to pre-book that when we booked the holiday. This was just a phone call, then I had to get my GP to sign a letter to say that I was fit to fly and needed oxygen during the flight. That had to be done no more than four weeks prior to the flight. I have my own portable concentrator for use while I am abroad but found the airline service a real help as the flight is four hours which means my batteries are running very low, if not actually run out, if used from home to cruise ship. The cabin crew on the plane were really helpful and caring - they kept checking that I was OK. With this support I was able to enjoy a week in the sun in January and here I am in Agadir, with my Airsep Freestyle. 
Have O² will travel !!