Tuesday 6 September 2011

A change of plan

Today we should have visited the Big Pit, the Welsh Mining Museum in Blaenavon, but when we woke up the wind was buffeting the back of the house and the rain was lashing against the windows. So I rang around all our members to cancel the outing and suggested lunch instead. What a sigh of relief I got from everyone and we had a lovely lunch in a pub in Neath - a much more sensible thing for a group of people with various lung conditions to do on a wet and windy day. Derek Brockway, our weather man, promises us better weather in ten days time, so we can always have another go at the Big Pit then. But we decided today that lunch was so enjoyable that we are going to make it a regular monthly thing.

AGM and a fascinating talk

I've been a bit remiss of late and forgot to make comment on our August meeting. Maureen Webster told us about her experiences nursing in Zimbabwe - Rhodesia as it was when she first went out there, complete with a husband and two small children. She really was, and still is, a very determined lady, who braved many dangers, had an altercation with Robert Mugabe on a plane and made many friends in the remote places she worked in. I could have listened to her for much longer.
That meeting was also our AGM and it felt good to be able to congratulate ourselves on a great year, exceptional fundraising, but sadly few new members joining our group. We really must try harder this year to spread the message and let all those people out there, in the Neath Valley, with lung conditions, know what a supportive group we are and also let them know how much fun we have.