Saturday 24 May 2014

A Fun day in Ystradgynlais

It was such a shame that it was such a wet and miserable day today, but it didn't stop us enjoying ourselves and sharing a laugh over a pink pig. Many people turned out in the wet to watch the belly dancers and listen to the Ystradgynlais Silver Band play.

In spite of the dismal weather we still managed to sell quite a few dolls and raised £45.00 for Breathe Easy Neath Valley. Our MP, Roger Williams came to see how the event was doing and chat to stall holders, while enjoying a cuppa and some lovely home made cake - I know it's good, my neighbour makes them and she is an excellent cook.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Scams and Tricksters

Gerry Keighley, from Age Cymru, had a lot of good advice on how to deal with scams and tricksters (thieves) who use the internet, phones, postal services and doorstep calling to try and fool us into parting with our money.
The message is, no matter how enticing or honest the offer seems, have nothing to do with it. Just delete all emails and NEVER open an attachment from someone you don't know. Put the phone down on unwanted phone calls without speaking to the caller, recycle all unsolicited mail and tell doorstep callers to go away. The taxman, banks, electricity and gas companies will never ask you for bank details, such as account numbers or pin numbers, over the phone, by post or by email. So, if that happens, it's a scam.
Gerry is trying to establish Cold Calling Free Zones in Wales where communities have official signs saying that cold callers are not welcome. This works and deters all but the most audacious.
Just remember, if you want your drive paved, new double glazing, a walk in shower, or anything else, always find the supplier yourself. that way you will keep yourself safe from these criminals who are trying to part you from your money.


Thursday 1 May 2014

Lung Health Going Forward in Wales

            On Tuesday, 29th April, three of our group went to meet Assembly Members and listen to Mark Drakeford, the Minister for Health in Wales. He was announcing the plan for the future of healthcare for all respiratory patients accross Wales.

           British Lung Foundation, and all of us in Breathe Easy and will do all we can to see this being a success. We will campaign, raise awareness and support patients and their families and friends through Breathe Easy.

          Over the coming months we will be keeping in touch with our Assembly Members and Health Professionals to support them in implementing these proposals.

           these are the things that have been proposed and which we want to see happening accross Wales.

·         Smoking rates driven down to 16% by 2020. Introducing standardised packaging for tobacco products, and legislation to ban smoking in cars carrying children will be key policies to achieving this

·         People who smoke accessing a smoking cessation service that works with them and for them, at a time, place, and format that optimises their chances of successfully quitting

·         Much more raising awareness and encouraging people to get their lung health checked

·         Tools for self-management such as pulmonary rehabilitation programmes should be much more accessible, delivered locally, and reach many more people, to help them achieve a better quality of life and keep out of hospital

·         Referrals into Breathe Easy support groups  becoming an essential part of the patient pathway