Saturday 16 January 2016

Baywater Health and oxygen provision

This is the first post of 2016, so Happy New Year to all my readers and thank you for following the story of our Breathe Easy group.

Yesterday Allison Channing, from Baywater Healthcare, came to talk to us about oxygen and the various ways it can be delivered. This link will tell you in more detail about oxygen therapy -

Allison brought one of the new cylinders which has a flat bottom - much laughter ensued over the benefits of flat or rounded bottoms, but those of you who use oxygen cylinders know how infuriating it has been that they don't stand when we put them down to rest

 The Inogen One on the right, is lightweight, portable, in so much as it can be carried, and is recharged from mains electricity or your car battery.

The Sequel Eclipse is much heavier, needs to be pulled or pushed on wheels. It can be used overnight for those needing that level of use. Both of these machines give you greater freedom, especially when travelling. All you need is your machine, a charging lead and, should you choose to buy one, a spare battery, to give you more time away from home. I have recharged mine in restaurants while out for a meal and on the train while travelling from South Wales to London.

Some of our group had never seen some of these before and it had certainly given them food for thought. Allison's message to us was, talk it through with your oxygen nurse and see what will best suit your needs, and the Baywater Healthcare will provide that for you.