Friday 22 August 2008


We have had a very successful year financially, £6,000 has been given to the British Lung Foundation, to further their work in Wales. We are getting closer to buying equipment for the Respiratory Community Nurses at Cimla Hospital.
We have worked hard at getting ourselves known through the press and various Awareness days and this year it is all falling into place. More and more people are learning about us and the work we do and we have attracted new members, Helen, Basil, Edna and Jan have all joined us this year.
Mary (chairman), Margaret (secretary) and Lynne (treasurer) will remain in office for the following year.

We were delighted to see Claire and Paul Bethell, and Dylan, looking so full of beans. We first met Dylan two years ago at Meet the Patients in Cardiff and have kept in touch ever since. Although they live in Barry, it's good to have them as members of our group. Dylan enjoyed fooling around with our new BLF sweatshirts.

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