Thursday 30 October 2008

Cough your way to an Oscar

We had a lot of fun at BBC Wales in Cardiff yesterday. Doug and Margaret joined June from Cardiff and Shan Evans from British Lung Foundation Wales to help make a recording for BBC Radio Wales to encourage people with a cough to go and see their doctor to get checked out properly and treated if necessary. It's not so easy to cough on demand so a fair bit of giggling went on too. Thanks to Eiry Thomas, (Casualty, Torchwood, Under Milkwood etc) who did the voice, for supporting BLF Wales in their work.
So, from Sunday 2nd November, after the 9.00am news, and from then on throughout the week, listen out for the coughs on BBC Radio Wales.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Another perfect example of Margaret and her group doing everything possible to promote Breathe Easy/ BLF.
Congratulations also to Margaret on being accepted to review COPD management with NICE, another example of her commitment to the cause.