Friday 5 February 2010

NEW ! - portable concentrators from Air Products.

Lynne Sandhu from Air Products, and Hannah Howard, the nurse who does our oxygen assessments, came to our meeting on 15th January, to demonstrate the portable concentrators which are to be made available to us. These will make it easier for people needing oxygen for 15 hours a day to get away on holidays - no more arranging in advance to have equipment delivered to a holiday address.
These devices are pushed, or pulled on wheels,thus limiting the type of ground they can be taken on - no strolls on a beach or a river bank, they require a flat surface. If any of us are issued with one of these we will have to hand back any portable cylinders or liquid oxygen we have now.
So, these will increase flexibilty but will limit mobility. What a shame that Air Products have decided to supply two different portable concentrators, the Inogen One and the SeQual Eclipse, which will do the same job, instead of extending the choices to us by offering the smaller, and easily portable, Airsep Freestyle.
We were told that you can't suit everybody, but if we had been offered a choice of the larger model to suit the LTOT patients and the lighter weight portable to suit those patients needing ambulatory only, We think the needs of more people would have been met.

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