Saturday 16 April 2011

Neath Communities First and NHS Services

Donna Roberts is so full of energy and enthusiasm. She told us all about the Communities First scheme, funded by the Welsh Assembly, for areas of deprivation and then went on to describe all the activities she and her colleagues have started in Neath. Sadly funding ends for this next year, but some of the schemes are now well established and will hopefully continue and, with luck, so will funding from the Welsh Assembly. I must say, Neath sounds far from deprived with all these activities going on. It's a very lively place to live. Call Donna on 01639 640670 or or check out the website There is so much going on over Easter for the children and adults. I have promised to make fancy cakes for the Spring Cookery competition, knitted ones of course, just to be different. Maybe I will do sausage, egg and chips too. Keep up the good work Donna. Then Vicky Broad and Maria led a discussion on our COPD Care in the Community team and how we valued the work they do. The general consensus is that we can't do without them and if the service is reduced in any way more of us would be going into hospital with acute exacerbations because we couldn't cope at home on our own without their support and care. We have a wonderful service here in Neath and we would like to see the COPD patients in the rest of the ABM area getting a service as good as the one we have.

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