Wednesday 23 November 2011

VIPs and Big Money

Patrick Flood Page, Chairman of British Lung Foundation Wales, Suzy Davies AM and Peter Mannion, Public Health Service Manager ABM Health Board joined us for a lively discussion covering various topics.
We were all thrilled about the progress being made to protect children from smoking in cars. Patrick and Suzy expressed concern about long term sickness and lack of cover we are getting from our COPD team - not their fault at all, no one can help being ill. We all think long term illness should be covered so that we can get the service we are promised. For two years now we have had no self referrals as one or another of the team has been ill. This means hospital admissions in some cases because of a lack of home nursing.
Peter talked about the importance of continuing exercise after pulmonary rehab and the PACE programs are finished. We all know how true that is - exercise does you good and keeps you going. Healthy muscles use less oxygen.
Then, on a really happy note, it was great to be able to hand over a cheque for £4,620 to Patrick. British Lung Foundation Wales needs every penny it gets in order to carry out its much needed work supporting all people with lung conditions in Wales.

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