Monday 16 January 2012

Flying with oxygen

I don't usually put personal stuff on this blog, it's normally just Breathe Easy news, but I thought this experience to be interesting and useful knowledge to pass on. We have just come back from a week's cruise round the Canaries and to Agadir, flying with Thomson Airways to Tenerife from Cardiff airport. First of all Airport Assistance at both airports was terrific. We pre-booked it when we booked the holiday and they came out to meet the bus as we arrived and took me right to my plane seat. It wasn't quite so smooth in Tenerife but it worked OK.
I need oxygen during the flight and this was provided free of charge by Thomson Airways. I had to pre-book that when we booked the holiday. This was just a phone call, then I had to get my GP to sign a letter to say that I was fit to fly and needed oxygen during the flight. That had to be done no more than four weeks prior to the flight. I have my own portable concentrator for use while I am abroad but found the airline service a real help as the flight is four hours which means my batteries are running very low, if not actually run out, if used from home to cruise ship. The cabin crew on the plane were really helpful and caring - they kept checking that I was OK. With this support I was able to enjoy a week in the sun in January and here I am in Agadir, with my Airsep Freestyle. 
Have O² will travel !!

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Jacquie said...

It's lovely to read of your good holiday experiences...I can imagine you feel refreshed after such a nice time away.

Good on Thomson holidays the cruise liner and the airline employees who all helped to make your holiday a memorable one.