Friday 21 September 2012

Life on the Mary Rose

Phil Bowen gave us a great insight into life on the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship which sank in the Solent in 1545 and was recovered, in a widely watched televised event, in 1982. Life must have been pretty grim aboard, especially during the many battles she fought.
Phil, a retired headteacher, was just the kind of history teacher I would have liked. He made the subject fun. We ended with a test and were rewarded with sweeties.
We have asked him to come back next year to tell us about Carisbrook Casle and Osbourne House.

We also discussed how our local service for people with COPD has been much depleted lately and ways we can campaign and work along with the health authority to get it back to what it once was - home visits, early discharge scheme and a pulmonary rehab programme which helps all of us with COPD to keep well and out of hospital. It's in all our interest to help get this service up and running at full strength again.

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