Monday 12 November 2012

World COPD Day - 14th November

Many people don't know what COPD is, and even if they have heard of it they don't know what it means :-

  • Chronic - it won't go away
  • Obstructive - airways are blocked
  • Pulmonary - to do with the lungs
  • Disease - it's an illness
Let's hope that we can find more of those "Missing Millions" who have COPD but are yet to be diagnosed. Early diagnosis and early treatment are essential for the best outcomes for COPD patients.

This is our information board in the Baglan Medical Resource Centre - lots of information about COPD, living with it, caring for someone with it,anxiety about it, depression because of it, end of life questions, support from British Lung Foundation and much more useful stuff.

So, if you are any three of these
  • breathless
  • coughing more than everyone else
  • a smoker or ex smoker
  • producing phlegm
go and see your pharmacist or GP for a simple lung test - it doesn't hurt, all you do is blow into a tube.

From Monday 12th November, a health campaign will launch across Wales which encourages people to talk to their pharmacist if they are suffering with a persistent cough.

Brian from Swansea and Only Men Aloud launched the "Love Your Lungs" campaign in Cardiff

Did they let you sing ?

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