Saturday 22 February 2014

The Mumbles Railway

Phil Treseder, from Swansea Museum, came to share a bit of Swansea's history with us today and what a wonderful story lies behind the Mumbles Railway ! It started life as a horse drawn carriages which ran on  rail tracks.

It wasn't a cheap day out either. Only the better off could afford this lovely ride around the edge of Swansea bay
 After the horses came steam and the use of a variety of carriages - it looks like whatever they had they hitched on.

Now we got varying ticket prices. Those who could afford it rode in the enclosed carriage and the less affluent could sit on top.
After the steam trains came electrification and the trams. Apparently these are still called a railway, rather than a tramway, because the cars were linked together.

Two really nice things happened today at the meeting. Firstly we welcomed a new member, which is always good news. Secondly, an enthusiast had seen the talk advertised and came to ask if he could join us just for the day, and of course we made him welcome.
thank you Phil for an interesting talk about a Swansea landmark.

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