Wednesday 18 June 2014

Breathe Easy Week 16th to 20th June 2014

Our theme for Breathe Easy Week this year is Breathlessness, and what to do about it. Should we ignore it - of course not. Will it clear up and go away - no, it needs to be dealt with.

Bethan Jenkins AM, Plaid Cymru, called in to see how we were getting on and she has pledged to help us make sure that our local health board follows the respiratory plan launched last month in the Senedd in Cardiff.

So, the message is this
  • do you get out of breath going uphill ?
  • are you breathless while getting dressed ?
  • does having a wash and cleaning your teeth make you breathless ?
  • what about washing, drying and styling your hair, can you manage to do that without getting breathless ?
If you answer yes to any of these, you need to see your doctor to get your lungs checked out.

Peter Black AM, Lib Dem, was interested to see the exercise room which is used for pulmonary rehab, and to hear that our physiotherapist is leaving us very soon and that her post won't be advertised until she has left, causing a delay into getting a new person into post and trained ready to run pulmonary rehab. All this causes us concern as it will mean longer waits for people who have been referred to actually get a place. We all know what a valuable tool the rehab course is in our fight against the debilitating effects of lung disease.
Breathe Easy Week was a great success for us. Lots of information was taken away. We have two new members for our Breathe Easy group and the support of two members of the Welsh Assembly.
Thank you to all who came along and stopped to browse or talk to us. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

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