Wednesday 22 July 2015

Just how safe are we ?

In fact we are very safe here in Neath Post Talbot and South Powys. however we do need to be vigilant against doorstep, internet, post and telephone scams. These people who approach us in our homes are a real nuisance, if not criminal. How annoying it is to struggle to the phone, when short of breath because of a lung condition, only to find a dead phone line or someone trying to sell you something you don't want, or some crook trying to get your bank details for the sole purpose of robbing you.

The general rule is don't give out any details to anyone who has called you. If you have called them asking for a service that is different. Always look for the padlock on any internet site you are using - as in the sample below.

Then you will know that the site is to be trusted.

Fit a chain to your external doors then you are in control if any unwanted or unknown callers come to your door. They are few and far between but better safe than sorry.

Sian Morris talked about all the usual things, which we should all be doing, such as hide your purse when out shopping, don't put cards or wallet in your back pocket, NEVER keep pin numbers and debit/credit cards together - if you can't remember your pin, write it on your hand, no one can steal that.

There are thieves about but most people are honest. Don't worry, just take care and stay safe !

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