Tuesday 12 June 2012

Amazing success !

For the last six years we have held an abseil event at Dinas Rock in Pontneathvaughan on Easter Sunday and every year the local people who take part raise magnificent sums of money. This year we have raised £6,000 making a total of £33,500 over the six years.
Children and adults take part, ages ranging from eight to seventy, including a COPD patient who has recently completed the pulmonary rehab course at the Baglan Resource Centre. Some can’t wait to come back for another go and others say “Never again – but I did it !” This year Patrick Flood Page, chairman of British Lung Foundation Wales, and his two little girls took part as well as Suzy Davies AM, and a local policeman, an estate agent, an occupational therapist and her family and many, many more. Breathe Easy Cardiff sent a team and they raised £828 for their own group.
Over the years the money has been used to buy equipment for Pulmonary Rehab in the Resource Centre in Baglan Moors and for wider investment into lung disease research.

              We are extremely grateful to Call of the Wild and the Dulais Valley Independent Ambulance Service who run the event and give us medical cover free of charge, meaning that all the money raised can be used to better the lives of people living with lung disease.

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