Saturday 2 June 2012

Once again we had an awareness stand at the Aberavon Charities Fiesta. Our main theme was "Take Five and Stay Alive" which is focussed on making sure people know how to handle asbestos safely in the home, especially during home improvements. How many people know that it is often to be found in pipe lagging, in Artex and asbestos roofing as well as some fire proofed products. If in doubt, call in the experts. Your local council will help. Better to be safe than sorry. Asbestos breathed in now could cause horrible health problems, such as Mesothelioma, in thirty to forty years time. Call the BLF helpline to find out more 03000 030 555 or check out the British Lung Foundation website

As well as making people aware of lung issues we sold dolls and toys, making £60 for our Breathe Easy group.

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